Starters left


Starters left

    • Starter Left

    • Feta Samosas


      Stuffed filo pastry with feta cheese spinach and pine nuts served with side sweet chilli sauce.

    • Grilled Asparagus


      With turkey beckon topped with hollandaise sauce and olive, caper oil.

    • Grilled Sucuk


      Grilled sucuk with caramelized onions and warm bread.

    • Houmus


      Chickpeas and tahini purée with lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil served with warm bread.

    • Imam Bayildi (Ratatouille)


      Baked aubergine in tomato and mixed veg sauce served with warm bread.

    • Scallops


      Pan fried scallops in garlic butter served with dry apple slice, crispy turkey bacon, crotons topped with truffle oil.