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Starter Right

    • Starter Right

    • Chicken Liver


      Pan fried chicken liver in soya sauce and pomegranate bits served with sourdough bread.

    • Crab Cake


      Mix of white crab meat, diced potato, spring onions, coriander topped with olive and caper oil.

    • Crispy Calamari Salad


      Breaded calamari with mint and coriander salad served with garlic mayo dip

    • Falafel


      Mix of chickpeas and veg served with tahini sauce

    • Grilled Veg Stack


      Layers of grilled aubergine, courgette, onions, pepper and tomatoes topped with sharmula sauce and parmesan cheese shavings.

    • Tiger Prawns


      Grilled tiger prawns topped with ginger, lime and mix veg sauce.