Mesa is the Ottoman Turkish word to describe the onset of evening. In Spanish, it is the word for table, while in Greek, “ela mesa” is an invitation to come on inside.

Mesa Kitchen & Lounge is a fusion of all three, brought to you in a hospitable setting in North London.


On the menu is a range of Turkish food cooked by our expert chef on a traditional charcoal grill, in addition to continental dishes and the old favourites like burgers and steaks. These are immaculately prepared with the freshest ingredients and perfected with our homemade sauces – all our own homemade recipe.

The fully-stocked bar serves a selection of delicious cocktails and fine wines for you to sample, as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic staples.

Your meal is served at a magnificent venue in Southgate. Pick a Mesa inside and you can soak in the mix of Orientalist themes all around you with plenty of comfortable seating. Meanwhile, the outside is composed of an all-weather secret garden complete with its own serving bar where you can enjoy your meal and even smoke if you wish.

Ela Mesa! We can’t wait to serve you some of the delights of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.

Mesa Kitchen & Lounge is located in the Hart of Southgate